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All the Colors of the Rainbow...Almost!

When you think of sky blue, Swiss blue or London blue in the world of gemstones what stone leaps first in your mind?
Topaz is the go to answer for most people. 
But Topaz is so much more than blue.  Pure topaz is colorless.  But long ago, just like with so many other gemstones, the earth decided to toss in some impurities and change the color. It is also manipulated to accentuate the color through heat and various other methods.
So here comes the rainbow....the impurities can make topaz red, a pale gray, reddish-orange, pale green, or pink (rare), and opaque to translucent/transparent.  I bet you didn't know that the pinks and purples are a strong contender against some of the finest sapphires in the world.  
On a Mohs hardness scale, Topaz weighs in as an 8 (Cubic Zirconia a 7) and the hardest gemstone of all is a diamond that tops the scale as a 10.  
Because of how hard the gemstone is, it can be cut (faceted) to bring out the beauty of the stone and having practically any color you want is an added benefit.
Topaz is also a knock off of a true diamond at a much lower cost.  It takes a jeweler or a gemologist to tell the difference.
In the event, (Heaven forbid) that you drop a stone from your diamond setting and lack the money to replace it, ask a jeweler how much it will cost to replace the stone with a matching topaz.  You might just be surprised!
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