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Be The Change...If You See Something, Say Something

Most of the people who read my blogs don't know that I have spent a decade working in law enforcement. I wasn't ever a police officer but I have worked in prisons and with police departments, the US Marshall and federal agents. 

Years ago, someone came up with the saying, "if you see something, say something". While I can't give credit to whoever thought it up.  I will give credit for it working as I have seen it first hand.

The law enforcement person in me knows that the majority of convicted felons have committed 99 crimes BEFORE they are caught. That means there was 99 victims this person robbed, sold drugs to, shot, raped, or murdered and even threatened.

The law enforcement person in me knows that most convicted felons will commit crimes after they are released from jail or prison. Most people convicted of DWI will intend get behind the wheel and drive impaired again just as most drug dealers repeat the same pattern again and again and again.

In all honesty, some criminals get caught right off the bat after committing one crime and other offenders learn the lesson after the first offense.  

There is no such thing as a victim-less crime though. 

Like most of you, I have heard the latest events from the recent school shooting in Florida. 

Once again, I am beyond sickened by these events.  

The news has again stated that people knew of threats due to social media and so forth and yet no one took ten minutes out of their busy schedules to file a report.  

I ask that anyone reading this to please be the change.

If you see something, say something to law enforcement.  Take the 10 minutes and file a report.  Stop by the police or sheriff's department and if that isn't possible and it it isn't a life threatening situation, then call the non-emergency number and file a report. 

Your name, address and phone number isn't too much to ask when you are reporting what may lead to saving someone's life.

I assure you that no law enforcement officer will joke about what you report or take it lightly.  Police officers know they can't be everywhere and know everything. They rely up us to report just as we as citizens help with Amber and Silver Alerts.

Individually we can be the difference.  All it takes is just one person to shift a tide and prevent these horrible and life changing events from every happening. 

Today, make a vow to yourself and to your loved ones to be the change and report anything odd or unusual that you see whether you over hear it, see it or read it on social media. 

Be the change our nation needs....if you see something, say something!


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