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Bring On WOW!


In my last post we talked about jewelry and having the metal match the dress.  In case you missed it do a search for "Spiss! Match Your Metals" and it should pop right up.

At the end of the blog, I spoke about dress beading as a general guideline but there are numerous brides who also like to add a sash belt.

Oh yes! they do help bring a sprinkling of your personality out and help you shine.

There are numerous advantages to adding a sash besides personality.

Your dress may not have come with one but you can add one as they are reasonable in cost and hand made. Besides, they aren't an expensive alteration you will have to pay for.

Besides cost, here's a few more advantages:

They create the illusion of curves.

A sash belt is what we consider an upgrade.  They can be matched to your dress and even to the beading. 

They go with any type of formal dress be it a wedding or a prom.

If you are unsure what type to pick, here are some general guidelines. 

As a bride you always want to match the sash to your body type.

If you have a short torso then a thin belt works best. 

If your torso is longer you should pick a wider belt.

If you are apple shape, a heavily beaded sash will flatter your waist.  

If you are petite, a V-shape applique will make your body appear longer. 

When it comes to width - less is more.  Remember this is an accent and is considered to be a finishing touch. Try to stick with a style that is no more than three inches wide. 

By taking a little bit of time, you can add this wonderful touch to your gown and always...

Make A Statement Without Saying A Word!


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