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But the pictures were the same!

Let's just be honest....not all retailers are the same. Not all people are honest.

If you are an online shopper then in all likelihood you've seen deals that are just too good to be true.  

Here's an example....

Four online businesses have the exact same bracelet based upon pictures.

One Store charges $115.00

Two Store charges $130.00

Three Store charges $120.00

Four Store charges $73.95.

Hold on...$73.95 for the same bracelet (remember the pictures appear to be the same bracelet and same material). That's a $41.05 difference.  Is it a sale price...nope, regular price.  What makes it different? 

Is the product description similar....yes.

So what is the deal?

Maybe Four Store is just hitting the market

Maybe Four Store is building their brand


Maybe, just maybe....Four Store is selling a much cheaper and lower quality item and simply used the photo and description without permission. Yes, it happens!

No matter what the case...you as a consumer should question why it is so much cheaper.

First thing to check is the web site address.....does it say HTTPS. 

If it only has HTTP it ISN'T a secure site.  That makes you vulnerable to be hacked and having your information stolen. 

It's easy to remember: S stands for secure.

Most online companies want our customers to be completely happy with purchases so somewhere you can read about return policies.  Where to send the item and so forth. 

Most online companies have contact information.  Sometimes it's only an email and other times a phone number but it will be posted for you to contact them. 

Most companies will take the time to answer any and all questions you have about their products.  Most online retailers understand that as a consumer you can't inspect our products.  So send an email and ask any questions you have.

Online shopping is fast, fun and easy....just remember to be a wise consumer.

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