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Fascinating Fascinator

Bridal Veils
In England a hat is called a Fascinator. Some are quite attractive and well some are just….there, to be polite.

As a bride you have a lot of choices to make once you have found the perfect dress. From jewelry to shoes to bouquet and by the time you are done you want you and your attire to make a statement. 

Part of what I think polishes of a bridal look is hairstyle she picks and what if anything is worn in the hair.

I've seen the good, the bad, the so-so and the 'what was she thinking in this department so as a general rule, some things go together like cereal and milk and some simply won’t match no matter what you do or try.

That brings me to today’s topic.

Veils, hats, combs and all the other wonderful things you can add to your bridal look.

Not too long I discussed having metal color match your dress fabric and the same is true for anything you choose to add to your overall look in the way of a veil, comb, hat, flowers etc.

The most important thing to consider before you buy hair accessories is how you will wear your hair so feel free to play around. If you have thick curly hair then small embellishments won’t stay put. Flowers work better for loose curls that will highlight the flowers. Once you decide how to wear your hair take a few minutes and move, really move, just like you expect to move on your special day.

When it comes to veils, a pure white gown requires a pure white veil. When you look at an off white veil when paired with a pure white dress it may seem like a fit but given certain lighting situations that difference will be known to everyone including the camera. We want to preserve those memories and our perfected look.

Consider the length of the veil and your body shape and height. If you have ever seen wedding pictures of Lady Diana Spencer marrying HRH Prince Charles then you can see just how the wrong thing can make a statement but not always the best statement.

If your dress has a lot going on such as beading or lace then something simple in the way of a sheer veil will not detract from the beauty of your gown.

If you are petite, a longer floor length veil will elongate your body. A half veil such as fingertip of elbow you cut you in half visually so they work better for a taller bride.

A hat or a birdcage works well for everyone including most hair styles and the choices are endless.

Combs are a fantastic thing to wear in your hair on your special day.  You can buy simple ones or ones that have a lot of dazzle to them.  The best part is they work with any hair type and any hair style.

I simply love tiaras and how they can add such a dramatic flair to the gown.  No matter what size they are they seem to pull the eye in.

No matter what look you decide on, you will be a beautiful bride!

As always...

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