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Grand Luster versus Lack Luster


Today I present all of you with a challenge....

I know that you are up to it and I simply know you will blow it out of the ball park so to speak. 


To do this challenge you have to do a little research.  So before you shrug your shoulders and disregard this post let me say it isn't complicated and all you have to do is surf the net for no more than 15 minutes. 

I would like for all who read this to do some image searches for Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.  Take a few moments and look at how her style has changed from years ago when she dated Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge to her marriage and how she has become a style icon. 

Please don't look at the designer labels and think that can never be me because while most of us can't afford Prada, we can afford a nice dress or suit. 

Okay, here is my point - in the early days she looked unrefined so to speak (college student).  Faded blue jeans, poor posture, minimal makeup and few jewelry pieces. 

Years later, she has evolved and is much more like the queen consort that she may well become one day. 

The one thing you never see about her appearance now is someone unpolished.  She matches from head to toe and nothing is over the top. 

Okay, I know she has people who help her coordinate everything from her clothes to shoes, make up and yes, even her hair dye.

But can't we all do the same thing?  If you think you can't then I challenge you to think again. 

Pick a day of the week when you have a little bit of time and throw on some exercise clothes, no make up and no jewelry and see first hand how you are treated. Remember - you want to see people you don't know.

Wil people look at you and smile (men and women)?  Will they hold the door for you?  Can you have the red carpet rolled out and get to jump the line and pay for your purchases first or will you have to wait?

On another day - dress up - nice clothes that fit, jewelry, make up, shoes and so forth and return to the same places you did at the beginning of my challenge. Make sure you walk and carry yourself with an attitude that says I am important - I am special so have your posture perfect and your shoes polished. 

What are the results - if it was raining did someone endure the rain just to have the pleasure of holding the door for you?  Did someone step aside so you could pay for your cup of coffee ahead of them?  Did anyone tip their head to acknowledge you were there? 

As a society we have the saying that clothes make a man.  Well this is my second post as I believe clothes also make the lady, well that and make up, jewelry and a matching hand bag. 


So go ahead and take my challenge and then honestly sit back and evaluate the results you get and then try and figure out if it was the people you encountered or you. Were you treated more graciously? 

All things aside - I know that some people are anti-royal and that's fine.  I used Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge because her pictures are everywhere now but you can try Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, Sophia Loren or even French fashion and you can see that all of them share a few things in common - they knew how to dress but also to be elegant and refined - no back packs for them. 

Some come on - try my challenge!  I'd love to hear from you. 


As always, we'll be here helping you....

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