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Hello My Friend

Hello my friend...It's been a while.  
I took a break from work the other day, just a small time out to reset and I listened.  Really listened. 
It wasn't the whizzing traffic that I heard or the trumped up bird sitting on the branch happy to see a sunshine filled day.
No, I listened to the last of the leaves fall from the neighboring tree.
The crumble as it tumbled from on high. 
The gentle breeze that carried it to the ground in small whiffs as it took flight for the first and only time.
Life as it knew it was so very different for that little leaf. 
Over a short time, it had gone from a beautiful green to a bright orange and before my eyes changed again.
It came out on the other side of summer being a little leaf that mother nature, in her infinite wisdom, then turned brown as the tree fell asleep for winter.
We are so much like that leaf.
We, as individuals have evolved.
As a nation we have changed.  
As a world community we have changed. 
We went from days of prosper to days of gloom as we all, in each of our varying ways faced a global pandemic.
We reconnected with ourselves and in many ways we gained a much greater understanding of who we are and exactly what we are made of. 
Most importantly, we came together as a people....we didn't see color as we gathered food to feed our neighbors.
We didn't see rich or poor as we stood in line passing out care baskets to those in need. 
We stood in the rain just to catch a brief glimpse of a loved one because it was far safer to social distance than to hug grandmother. 
Like you, I don't know when this pandemic will ever end.  It will end though...one day. 
I myself am grateful I took a few moments to appreciate a small leaf. 
It reminded me of a lesson that my own grandmother taught me as a child.
Every living thing is connected.
Me, you and even the person in Ireland who found this web site and blog. 
You see, my feet touch the ground, the blades of grass, and it's all held together by the roots.
One grain of dirt touches another, and another, and another. 
Soon, very soon, the grains reach the roots of the tree.
Those roots connect with other roots and they connect, and the next set connects and so on. 
So yes, Ireland, Australia, Greece, Netherlands and jolly ole England, we are connected. 
I say hello to Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, California, Florida and Nevada (I love Las Vegas!) and every other city and person across this fantastic place we all live and call home.
A person can be all alone and never feel lonely and yet another person can be in a sea of people and always feel lonely.
If you haven't already, send a snail mail letter and make someone's day....all it takes is a card and a line or two that you are thinking of them. 
Pick up the phone and call your cousin that you haven't seen or heard from since the last family reunion. 
Take a few minutes and let someone, somewhere know that they are not alone. 
In the end, when it's all said and done, giving is when we feel our best.  A simple smile and laughter can change a person's life.   
I continue to hope and pray that each one of you is safe not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. 
As always, we'll be here helping you to...
Make A Statement Without Saying A Word.

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