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I can't believe you did that!!!!

Why did you let them put your scrap gold or silver in a bucket to resale?  

Come on - think about it.  How does it make sense?  You paid for it and you just gave it away. 

By now you are wondering if I have lost my mind.  No and I have a point to make. 

So you lost weight and you decided to have your 14k gold wedding band resized from an 7 to a 6 so it doesn't play slippy slide on your finger.  Maybe you loved that 18 inch 10k gold necklace when you bought it but now you want 16 inches instead. 

You take it back to the jeweler...smaller please, shorter please and the jeweler says no problem and he or she never asked you if you wanted the scrap back (hint they will seldom ask you this). You didn't think about asking for it either.

Shame on them and shame on you.  

Scrap metal, be it sterling silver or gold is FREE, yes, FREE money to a jeweler and they resale it at your expense.  

You may think that smidgen of gold isn't valuable but with sky high gold and silver prices it is more valuable than you may realize.  How valuable? How about gold being just over $1300.00 per ounce.  So ask for your scrap gold back and then inspect it. 

Go behind the scenes of a jeweler and look at the work station and I guarantee you will see a bucket with scrap metal in it.  How fast it fills depends on how many repairs they do but rest assured, once it is full of all the bits and pieces that we give away they sell and it gets melted down.  

Here's an example to tie it all together. I made the figures up. 

In January 2010 you have a 10k ring resized from an eight to a six.  That's a nice sliver of metal that you are having cut out. You pay the jeweler to resize it and they keep the metal for the scrap bucket.  We'll say they charged you $50.00 to resize and got $25.00 from reselling the gold sliver. So the jeweler has just made an extra $25.00 off of you.

In January 2018 you want that same ring to go from a size six back to an eight.  The jeweler now says the price is $150.00 for the repair and the gold. You ask for a breakdown and they tell you $60.00 for the repair and the rest is for the gold.  

In all fairness, gold prices go up and down but how different the price would have been if you had said, "Use the gold you already took out and guess what, here it is!". There are advantages to this, you ensure your 10k ring is 10k gold throughout and it's the same quality and purity. 

If you had done this you would have saved yourself $90.00.  It shouldn't matter whether or not you consider the amount a lot or a little. The point is, you worked for the money to buy the piece.

When you ask for the scrap back it will be given in the same envelope as your jewelry. Once you inspect you piece, take a moment and compare the section they removed to the original piece and asked the clerk for a piece of tape and tightly reseal the envelope.

Once home, write on the envelope what it is and tuck it away somewhere.

Later on you may need it or you can resell it yourself. 

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