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Junk Bonds? I Mean Junk Jewelry!

                                   It's Bridal Season!  It's Bridal Season!

One of the greatest things about my job is having the ability to go out and talk to all kinds of brides from every walk of life. I love hitting trade shows and just roaming and chatting with brides and their friends and families. 

The one thing that is most upsetting is the number of people who are so willing to buy costume jewelry - junk costume jewelry.  It is low quality and very high in price. 

I won't say anything bad about any other competitor - but I have sure thought it though.

As a bride and groom you are investing in your memories.  As a couple you took the time to research and plan the smallest of details.

Isn't the jewelry you wear just as important?

Isn't is also a part of your memories? Just as the pictures are.

Isn't it a better choice to buy.925 Sterling Silver over an unknown metal that has silver paint on it?

Given a choice between real pearls and faux (fake) pearls, wouldn't you rather have the real thing? The real ones won't chip.

Wouldn't it be nice to wear that special piece over and over again and enjoy it for years to come? And you'll be able to if it's .925 Sterling Silver or gold.

Wouldn't it be even nicer to pass the piece onto a daughter or daughter in law on their special day? In time, she can pass it along and tell all about wonderful you.

The internet opened up a world of possibilities and the fantastic things you can do to make your special day even more special. 

But next time when you get ready to drop $200.00 on some cheap metal with a thin layer of paint ask yourself if that is truly an investment in you and your fabulous memories.

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