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Karma....Please don't let me fall on my face!

Karma and formal, full length gowns aren't always BFF's.  Sometimes karma gets a laugh at our expense by making us trip while we walk. 

Take a moment and think back when a known actress has taken a tumble walking up the stairs to get an award and bam..karma hits (without any warning) and she goes down. 

Some people laugh but I'm sure the person it happened to turns every shade of red before picking herself up and going forward. As no one wants to be in that position.

Anyone who works in the formal gown industry is more than happy to discuss your event with you and the pros and cons of the dresses.  The ability to walk and not trip and fall is one topic that no one really thinks about much less asks about. 

Not all gowns are created equal.  There is a massive difference between a mermaid gown and a ball gown. Mermaid gowns tend to be lighter in weight whereas a ball gown generally has more layers (think poofy) and therefore more weight. Some gowns can be so heavy that it requires two hands to lift the front of the dress in order to climb a set of stairs.

Putting your dress on and practicing isn't always an option either.  Perhaps you don't have access to the gown yet or maybe you don't want to take the chance of ruining the hem. 

The good news is you can send Karma on a detour.    

Bed sheets and practice!

Before you laugh, take a moment and think back to your childhood when you learned to walk in high heels.  You had to learn to balance yourself and alter the stride of your step.  Overtime, you learned the higher the heel, the shorter the stride. 

Yes there is a golden rule to all of this and here it is....

Kick and Step...Kick and Step. Kick and Step means gently placing the front of your foot, not your toe, forward and kicking the dress out of the way so you can place your foot without stepping on the hem.  Did I say gentle....we aren't aiming for a field goal here.  To give you a general idea of how easy the kick is....people watching shouldn't see the kick.  

Now for the bed sheet.  Grab some safety pins along with the bed sheet and pin the sheet around you to mimic the circumference and length of your dress.  Normally you won't need more than four safety pins. Remember bed sheets will weigh more so one queen size flat (top) sheet does the job quite nicely.

Take the time to practice and perfect your kick and step and soon you will give the illusion of gliding in your beautiful gown.  And as an added bonus, stairs won't trip you up either. 

We help you make a statement without saying a word. 













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