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Lettuce? Who knew?

Okay, I get it.  You probably think that lettuce and jewelry have nothing in common and on the surface it may appear that you are right but I disagree.

And what I am about to say is especially true for people going on vacation.

According to recent stats from the FBI home burglaries are going up and up and you guessed it, up some more. 

Also, stats show that the average home burglary only takes 8-12 minutes to pull off. That means a criminal breaks in, takes your worldly possessions and is long gone in less than 15 minutes.  

Sorry but in reality it will usually take the police longer than that to respond.  

In those 15 minutes the criminal has done a lot of damage to your home and your emotional welfare.

So what is a person to do? 

First help the police out.

What you ask?

The average investigator is working a mountain of cases - new crimes take place every day. In all honesty, they lack the time, additional staff and everything else it requires to take a case to court.  It isn't their fault and believe it or not, most officers really do care.   

Your possessions are important to you and it is up to you to help protect them.  In many cases, what is stolen is irreplaceable.

Granted, most people lock their doors and windows and a lot of people have home alarms but what good is a door if it's kicked in? What good is that home alarm if the criminal heads straight to your jewelry box and finds your goodies? 

Most criminals will watch and learn your schedule. Be cautious and pay attention. Criminals want easy so don't post information on social media.  

Here Comes The Lettuce!

Criminals aren't going to check that head of lettuce in your refrigerator anymore than they will check a bell pepper or a partially empty canister of oats. 

They won't because that isn't where people store valuables and besides - the criminal isn't there to steal food.  They want things they can sell on Craig's List.

Did you know that you can carefully unwrap a head of lettuce, bang it to remove the core and create a cavity to wrap and hide things in? You can then re-wrap the lettuce using the original wrapping and put it back in your refrigerator. Talk about having a handy dandy hiding place.  

You can carefully remove the stem, cap and seeds from a bell pepper and you have the same great cavity to hide small things in. 

You can wrap items in foil and hide them in your freezer.

You can place important papers in an envelope and hide it behind the canister of your upright vacuum so dirt can indeed be useful.

You can hide money or anything small by placing it in a medicine bottle and then burying the bottle in a house plant. 

You can even use vents such as the cold air return to hide things behind the filter.

Be sure to properly wrap the items in waterproof plastic to protect them and don't throw the item out by mistake.

The list goes on and on and I know the internet has tons of ideas that are just like a head of lettuce (cheap) and easy to do. 

Today, take a proactive stance.

If it's valuable and it can be carried away then it needs to be secured.

Photograph what you own and store it on the cloud. If you become a victim (Heaven forbid) you will need them for the insurance.

If you have numerous items to hide you can create a master list and store it on the cloud.  Record any information you feel may be needed.  Serial numbers, receipts, family heirloom, etc.

I doubt if there is any fool proof method to keep everything you hold near and dear safe. Criminals will trash your house by knocking over and breaking anything in their way but that doesn't mean that we have to help them to victimize us.


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