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My awayness is awayness for you

Okay, yeah, I sorta kinda dropped the ball on blogging.

There is a reason though.

Summers are always busy in the primary bridal season but people shop us all year long. Christmas is also a very, very busy time of the year.  Brides are shopping for spring weddings and getting a much needed jump on summer weddings. 

Oh but wait, that is but a small portion of what we do. 

Yes, people really do shop at our little store all year long.  Besides summer season our busiest season is the holidays. Lots of people know we offer great products at unbeatable prices and that's why many return time and time again.

On another note, I like to blog but I love to fill orders. I know just how much effort people put into finding that perfect piece.  Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it isn't.  We hope we make it easier.

I like to imagine the anticipation that a person feels as they wait to get notified their order has shipped. (Lightning speed shipping makes me happiest!). I also like to track packages and know exactly when the postal service has dropped it off. 

I like to imagine what you feel when you open the package...do you like the item?  Is it everything you hoped for?  Can you see yourself or a loved one enjoying the piece for years and years to come? 

So in the end, don't worry about the blogging - we're still here.  We'll still answer your emails and pull double duty to fill your orders and we'll do it all so you can

Make A Statement Without Saying A Word


Lierre Bridal Accessories





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