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My Best Friend is so FAKE!

In fact I have many such fake friends as they are so easy to get along with. 

No I’m not referring to a person or even my dog; I am referring to cubic zirconia (aka CZ).

The main and most important difference is diamonds are created deep within the earth but my little imitations came out of a lab somewhere. 

As a consumer, we can search high and low for the perfect diamond in the perfect setting but once you drop hundreds or thousands of dollars you have one piece of jewelry that really isn’t all that versatile, not counting engagement and wedding sets.

Now CZ, is in a league of its own. 

Even though many have heard of CZ, most don’t stop and think about what it is and isn’t.

CZs aren’t a diamond at all (remember born in a lab) and in the jewelry world it’s known as a simulated diamond.  It took people decades to create and perfect the first ones and I believe the first CZ was perfected sometime in the 1930’s.

Before you begin to think that CZ isn’t a gemstone, hurray it is!. It’s just different. Different can be good for a lot of reasons and the first is price. More on that later.

I’m not a gemologist so I’m not qualified to really go in depth about diamonds.  But what I will say is that anything that comes from the earth will not be perfect.  Gemstones are impacted by many things in the environment such as minerals. In the case of diamonds, carbon as it causes carbon spots.  The spots are so tiny that they can’t be seen with the naked eye but they impact the overall value of the diamond.

As far as price that is out of the ball park.  2 caret diamonds are thousands of dollars and the same caret weight in a CZ can be as low as a couple of hundred so CZ is very, very budget friendly.


Even more exciting is that the average person can’t distinguish between a real diamond or a lab created CZ. Hurray for CZ again!

Because of the low price, you can almost bet that you can get a CZ stone in any setting you want in any metal you want - .925 Sterling Silver, Gold, Gold plated and Rose Gold.  

CZ isn't just limited to clear either as just about every imaginable color is available as well as any cut you may want

In the world of CZ jewelry, every age is covered. You are never to young or old to wear it and it is always in fashion.

CZ helps us teach our daughters to appreciate jewelry and hopefully not lose it or trade it like mine did.  

CZ helps us on a  'I'm having a blue kinda day and need a pick me up present'. 

CZ can be the perfect gift for a loved one or any special occasion.

CZ keeps brides happy by respecting the budget and maintaining that red carpet look. 

In the event you are looking for heirlooms, well, CZ has that one covered too!.  


As always…

Helping you make a statement without saying a word.





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