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Oh, To Understand Them All


Lobster Claw Fastener

One thing that always seems to be confusing to people (especially men) is jewelry fasteners.  

And in the world of jewelry, as you've all learned - not all things are created equal. 

Here's the type list: 

Ring and Bar (Toggle), Hook, Box Clasp, Lobster Claw, Magnetic, Springring (very popular), Screw, Slide lock, Hinged Clip, Twister, Bullet, Ball and Joint, Slide Clasp, Buckle Clasp, Snap Lock, Tab Lock, Button Stud Rivets, Anchor Shackle,  Pop Style, Locks, Tube Lock.

Are you confused yet? Don't be!

In the jewelry world, most consumers only see a few types and here's a few of the most popular to get you started.

The designer of the piece will decide what fastener will work best.  He or she has two things to decide and they are aesthetics (balance of weight and visually) and function.  Heavy pieces require a more heavy duty closing mechanism and simpler designs require something light in weight and appearance.

Lobster Claw (pictured above): Is called a lobster claw fastener because once the hinge is opened it looks like - you guessed it. a lobster claw. Due to the placement of the lever (pull back) the piece will generally be quite secure once closed. This is most often found in bracelets.

Ring and Bar (Toggle): This type will generally add to the aesthetics of the piece because it blends in style or the piece is heavier requiring added security.  

Springring: This is very popular because the fastener is round and is often found in necklaces.  You may at first believe that there is no difference between a lobster claw and a springring but there is.  The difference is this type has a small spring (hence the name) on the inside of it.  

Springring closure

Magnetic: This closure as two magnets on the ends and the magnets hold the piece closed.

Now that we've covered what they are, let's look at what they aren't.

Springring:  The little spring can loose it's pep.  Yes, it's true (it takes hundreds if not thousands of openings/closings though).  If it's a cheaper piece (not sterling silver or gold but metal over base) sooner or later, if you wear it enough, you'll find that one day (when you least expect it) the little spring will break and the fastener won't stay closed. If you love the piece the closure will have to be replaced.

Magnetic: This type may be great for a quick put it on and take it off but if you are active, work at a computer, carry items in your arms and so forth then this piece may be more of a pain than a benefit. You may just find yourself retracing your steps multiple times a day.

Jewelry fasteners, just like ring prongs,  have a very important job so take a few minutes and inspect them regularly.  By having any worn or damaged fasteners replaced you will be able to enjoy the piece for many years to come. 

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