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Okay, I admit it



I did drop the ball...I admit it but I'm doing it for the better.

Usually I blog multiple times a week and for about the past eight weeks or so I haven't.  There simply hasn't been time as blogging and all the research behind it takes time. 

We do a lot of research here and we do it by shopping. We love to shop!

Huh? You ask.

When I started Lierre Bridal and did it with specific goals in mind. 

The first was that I refused to sell junk jewelry as I believe in heirloom quality.

And let's just face it, not all vendors are the same just as all retail stores are not the same. 

I wanted Lierre to be different and unique.

I wanted Lierre to set a standard for our customers and their knowing that when we say hand selected we mean just that. 

When we expand a product line or introduce new products it's because we have poured over catalogs, purchased a wide variety of pieces and then we wear them.

Oh yes we do.  And that takes time. Lots of time.

You can't put on a bracelet and see how it twinkles in the light.  Nope, not at all.  You have to decide is the hasp strong enough. You have to decide if the setting will hold the stones securely in place for all of the nicks, bangs and bumps it will be subjected to. In other words - we put them to the test called real life.

There's a million things to consider besides that though. 

Then if we accept it we have to develop a marketing plan.  We have to write product descriptions and determine a fair price.

So for the past eight to ten weeks that is how I have spent a good portion of my time.

We are coming to the end of the cycle this time and soon we will have new products that will be great gifts for you or a loved one.

Now that you know the process, please be patient.  We are a small company and we are trying to help every bride or every gift giver be 100% confident.


As always,

Helping You Make A Statement Without Saying A Word. 







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