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Only the Queen wears purple!

Ah Purple.  It is considered a royal color.  In the ranks of the British royal family only the queen is permitted to wear it and that rule goes all the way back to Queen Elizabeth I. Supposedly it all got started because of the cost of the dye. 

Thank goodness I didn't live way back then as I love the color purple.  More specifically, Amethyst.

As far as crystals go, amethyst is probably the most famous for a variety of reasons. 

What makes this little gem such a wonder?   It has a hardness of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale so it's pretty durable. 

The purple color ranging from lavender to a violet shade is the result of iron and aluminum deposits, as well as natural irradiation. The end result is how mother nature mixed it all together.

Like other gems, it is born from the earth. Just like many other gems there are various types depending on the country of origin.

African Amethyst originates from the African continent.  

Amthethyst Quartz is a mix of  Amethyst and Milky (Clear) Quartz.  It is basically two tone in color with purple in top and clear on the bottom but it can be banded as well.  

Bolivian Amethyst originates from Bolivia in South America. 

Brazilian Amethyst comes from, you guessed it, Brazil but in the world of gemstone it can refer to any South American Amethyst. 

Green Amethyst is also known as Prasiolite and it is a light green that is heat treated. 

Siberian Amethyst originates from Siberia in Russia.  It is colored very deeply. 

The name derives from the Greek word amethystos, which means "not drunken", as someone, very suspicious thought it would off drunkenness. I am betting it didn't help them but who knows?

Because there is such an abundance of amethyst it can vary in cost but it still is quite affordable for us to wear everyday or as we mark special occasions in our lives such as a birthday, prom, wedding, or anniversary.


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