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Spiss! Match Your Metals

One of the most asked questions we get is about metals. So before you hit melt down mode here's some general guidelines to boost your confidence.

Yes, every one knows metal types (sterling silver, gold, rose gold platinum, etc.) but they don't know what type of metal to wear with their dress.  And guess what? In the case of dress color and jewelry then all metals are not created equal when it comes to appearance.

Many brides still pick the traditional white gown but more modern brides are deciding on cream, ivory and blush.   

Here are some general rules:

If your gown is a pure white your accessories should be silver or platinum.  Gold has a tendency to clash with the brighter hues. 

Ivory is a perfect fit for gold and believe it or not the gold will actually bring out the creamy and dreamy tint of the fabric.

If your gown is an off white (barely) you and your gown will be paired perfectly in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. 

Pearls are still a must have for a lot of brides and when picking pearls, you can purchase dyed natural freshwater cultured pearls in a wide array of colors to compliment your gown. After all, there are no rules sayng your earrings can't match your bouquet!

One very important aspect to consider is what if any bead work your gown has.  This is one item that a lot of brides overlook. 


Once you find the gown of your dreams - takes lots of pictures of the bead work.  Granted, the camera and lighting may not reflect the true color of the beads but you will know is the beading is pure white, off white, has a hint of silver or gold, etc. 

The reason why you want photos is to keep it fresh in your memory (it may be months between finding the dress and the final fitting). 

The reason why it needs to have a high importance is due to dress designers picking the color of the beads to match the fabric color so use beading color as a guide to help you pick the colors of your accessories. So as an example, if your gown as a hint of gold in the beading then purchase your jewelry accessories that contain a gold base. 

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