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Tell Fear To Get Out Of Your Face

It comes in many forms....

One of the greatest fears is on line shopping.

Fear 1: Quality?  Okay, we've all heard the jokes. The picture and what arrived is not, I repeat, is not the same.

Fear 2: Delivery time?  But your company has a USA address and now you tell me I have to wait 6-8 weeks minimum to get what I ordered all because it's in China?

Fear 3:  Dreadful back order? What you mean you can't get it in stock? How long is the back order for?

We want everyone to know:

We are based in Houston, Texas - always have been.  Houston is home to NASA, the Rockets, the Astro's, world class museums, and people from all over the world call it home. Come down and visit Houston if you haven't.

We do not send your order overseas to have some unknown person fill it and then ship the order back to the US or any other country.  So rest assured, when you order from us, we fill your order here and it will ship from the USA.

We aren't affiliated with Amazon.  We understand that people want their products right away and we make every effort to honor a timeline of 3-5 day shipping.  Amazon products sit in a warehouse and we find that we lack control of the product because it increases the risk of damage and sometimes the wrong item is shipped.  We don't like damage and we don't like mishaps of wrong items being sent.  In other words, we want control.

We don't sell just anything as quality matters to me, this company and most importantly to you.  We hand pick what we sell.  We test it.  We want you to have heirloom pieces that create many beautiful memories.

We have never claimed to have flowerly descriptions or even the best pictures.  We are, however, honest in the product descriptions.  I believe honesty helps us grow more and more each day and I want each of you to be happy with what you purchase from us. 

We aren't a brick and mortar store.  Never have been and probably never will be.  By having an online presence only, we keep costs down.  Retail rental is expensive and by not having a store front we don't inflate prices to cover the cost.  We want to help you fill a jewelry box if that's what you desire.

We say what we mean.  We work with customers all the time who have tons of questions, budget concerns and anxiety over their special event. Our first response is simply to breathe and enjoy the ride and tell us your issue.  We take an active position to help anyone who reaches out for help.

Yes, we are a small company.  We won't flood your email with newsletters every day, every other day or even once a month - more like once a quarter.  We are on social media but we don't have a heavy presence like some.  This little business has been built by word of mouth from past customers.  

That's our little story in a nutshell.  It says what makes us stand apart from so many others and how we can be different (small) in a world of large retailers. It also says how we can help you create your wonderful memories by allowing us to play a small part in our memories and those of your loved ones. 

As always, we'll be here helping you...

Make A Statement Without Saying A Word


Lisa Mantle 

Lierre Bridal Accessories

www.lierrebridal.com / lierrebridal@hotmail.com


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