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The answer....45 Degrees to wear a Tiara

Tiaras are trending! 

Classic, chic or modern there is a tiara that makes the statement you want as a bride or at a formal gathering (think red carpet).

How do you wear one though?

Like everything else in life there is a right way and a wrong way.  

First, there are major differences between a tiara and a crown.  The most important is that a crown represents royalty and are worn by men and women but a tiara is only for the women or girls. 

Tiaras are semicircular in shape and are meant to adorn the top (front) of the head. Crowns are oval in shape and are meant to adorn the entire head.  So, based upon that it all comes down to tiara placement.

Tiaras work on long or short hair so use your imagination and have your hair accent the tiara...more on that later.

Step 1: Have day old hair and skip the dry shampoo if possible.  There is sound reasoning behind this. Shampoo and practically all conditioners will make your hair slick and that makes perfect placement nearly impossible. Remember, you have to secure the headpiece so it doesn't slide as you move.

Step 2: Place the tiara on your head at a 45 degree angle. You don't have to make it be exact but too far forward or backward and you lose the effect. 

Step 3: Tiaras will always have a means to anchor them and there are two types.  Some offer a single comb in the front or combs on the sides.  Others will have small round anchors on the ends for bobby pins.  Neither is right or wrong but a personal choice for people.  When asked, I tell people to think about how they want to wear their hair and how thick it is and then factor in what you will be doing.  Standing and sitting is completely different than dancing the night away.  Flying tiaras are not good!

Step 4: Finish off your hairstyle.  Tiaras work for any hair length.  Play a little and see what works and what you like. 

Step 5: Bobby pins are important!  They also have a right and a wrong way to use them.

    A. Friction is your friend - the waffled edge is the side you place closest to               your scalp.  The smooth side points outward.  

    B. They aren't designed to hold a bunch of hair.  If you stuff the pin full of                 hair it simply can't hold and stay in place.  Having said that, keep the pin             sides as parallel as possible.

     C. It takes two!  So insert a second bobby pin forming an X to help anchor              the first pin and hide any smaller and shorter sections of hair.

      D. Remember - bobby pins aren't meant to show.  

Step 6: Practice - Practice - Practice! Once you think everything is done you need to play a little.  Move, bend, spin, jump and dance if you feel like it.  After all, you need to do this to make sure it works and stays in place plus it's a great stress reliever. 

Step 7: For your big event, smile, be confident and mostly importantly have fun.  You've earned it!

I hope this answers some of your questions. 











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