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The Bling Without A Ring


We have gotten a ton of email from previous customers asking why we have lots of different jewelry not only for them but for loved ones but NO RINGS.

Well, the answer is very simple but not so easy.  Ready?

Here goes.

I love rings just like everyone else.  I own a ton and can always and I do mean always find another reason to buy another but...

The problem is that sizing can be so different between people.  One time your finger may wear a size 5 and before you know it because of various reasons (like water retention) the ring is then too tight. 

So you as a buyer have to decide if you want to have it resized or let it sit in the jewelry box. If it sits, then you can't enjoy it but on the other hand you may not want to pay to have it resized because circumstances may change.

Now I am like most, if the ring is a little wiggly and not floppy due to a heavy stone I can handle it. 

Tight is a no and I mean a huge no go for me. 

So that begs the question why can't ring sizes be true?  Well, that is like spending money on clothes and never having them altered to fit just you.   After all, how many pairs of blue jeans do you try on before you find the perfect pair?

So that brings me back to Lierre Bridal.  As may of you are aware we started off as bridal only and because of demand it evolved into other pieces that could be worn for yourself or for a loved one.

It's very hard to buy a ring for another.  Their taste can be different, the actual size needed is a guess at best and well, no one wants to give a gift that isn't worn and shown off and frankly, I don't want to sell you an item that you can't wear and enjoy. 

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