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The enemy known as the mirror!

Sometimes, in our very complicated and busy lives we forget to spend a little bit of time on ourselves. 
We get ever so busy with our children and the three million things we do to keep them on schedule and school grades.  We work more and more hours inside and outside of the home. The list of 'must do' things goes on and on and on. 
We are also very guilty of letting the mirror be our enemy.  Sometimes, early in the morning it becomes my enemy number one and then I struggle to push it from my mind by blaming lack of sleep, allergies, a cold, needing to buy a new mattress. Yes, just like the to do list my excuse list goes on and on.
Yes, I truly have three million excuses why the sleep refuses to leave my eyes even after I have that morning jolt of caffeine. And it is sad to say that tomorrow morning will be the same way as I am once again working at 2am.
i decided to write about all of the things that we are as women.  I don't want to wake in the morning and see how tired I look without remembering that the sleep will dissipate and I'll actually have a functioning brain and the house will once again spring to life as I hurry to start the day. 
So ladies, for the record, this is what I see when I look at you whether it's in church, the grocery, or in the next lane in bumper to bumper traffic.
You are.....
Strong, Vibrant, Organized, Confident, Bright, Blessed, Ambitious, Devoted, Mesmerizing, Knowledgeable, a Leader, Determined, Becoming, Brilliant, Charming, Graceful, Dapper, Precious, Remarkable, Awesome, Passionate, Captivating, Careful, Dazzling, Amazing, Beautiful, Delightful, Elegant, Divine, Debonair, a Doll, Gorgeous, Generous,  Elaborate, Enchanting, Exalted, Enticing, Eye-catching, Fabulous, Glamorous, Shining, Spectacular, Radiant, Riveting, Grand, Inviting, Lady-like, Majestic, Nice, Friendly, Charming, Opulent, Pleasing, Sharp, Sleek, Superb and lest I forget....PERFECT!
Granted, I could go on and on with words to describe how great we are.  And we are great!
So when you wake, think about this little post and always remember that you are all of the words I described you as and so much more.
As always, we'll be here....
Helping You Make A Statement Without Saying A Word.

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