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The Looking Glass

What do you see when you look in a mirror? 

I recently took a long hard look into the looking glass and it sent me on a fishing trip.

I didn't fish for fish though.

I fished for all of the tangible items that have been passed down to me or that I have lovingly kept over the years. Here's a few.

While fishing I found the vase my paternal grandmother gave my mother to celebrate my birth. It's a white honey bear that has a bumble bee sitting on his nose. To this day it still makes me smile as I can see my beaming grandmother saying her favorite word - "wonderful" when we did something we were proud of.

I found my favorite stuffed puppy from my toddler years that my beloved paternal grandfather gave me. Even though his head is bent to one side and he is faded, I love him just the same today. Blue Puppy is special because he was a friend during some dark times in childhood.

I found a stuffed animal I bought while on my first official school field trip.  I so clearly remember being excited to go and I even recall how much money my father gave me. 

I found a Pebbles Flintstones erasure I bought my mother at an elementary school book fair.  She is small, orange and after meany years kind of sticky from the rubber breaking down. Years ago when I first found it I was overjoyed my wonderful mother thought so much of my small present.  

I found the vase my maternal grandmother gave me to mark the birth of my first daughter.  It's a mother swan with her baby in a loving pose. I vividly remember her shining and smiling as she welcomed her second great grandchild.

Jewelry that's been passed down - oh, I have lots and lots.  I've previously mentioned my great grandmothers fried marble but I have other pieces from both sides of my family.

My life, just like yours, is more than memories.  You can't share a memory vocally and make it real as they have their own but you can share something that is touchable.

Each of these items helped to paint my life canvas right along with all of the life lessons and memories. 



Maybe I'm just lucky. 

Lucky that my family decided not to do traditional flowers that fade and die but decided rather to create heirlooms - lots and lots of heirlooms. 

After all, isn't it awesome to look back and remember when? Won't it be wonderful to share the story of not only the history of a piece but also the person and what made them special.

Now when I gaze deep into the looking glass I will see things differently. 

Instead of just looking backward, I intend to look forward. 

I'll look forward to buying future heirlooms. I can think of so many ways.

First real pieces of jewelry for little girls.  My friend getting engaged and married as she will need something new and blue. Maybe down the road she will have a baby and I'll find the perfect piece to mark the occasion. If she is down, I can step in and buy her a 'pick me up' present and we can reminiscence about 'when' and spend a little bit remembering all of the good times we've shared. 

As you paint your life canvas, remember that you are also leaving strokes of memories on the canvases of other people's lives.  You help keep memories alive by participating and creating heirlooms for generations to come.

As always...

Helping you to Make A Statement Without Saying A Word.















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