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The Pick Me Up Present



A friend of mine recently hit a very rough patch in life.  You know, one of those things that throws you for a loop long before your brain has a chance to even register it. 

Being the friend that I am, I decided it was time for me to step in and I did.

That brings me to today's post and to be a light - just a little beacon that says and shows you thought about someone today. 

I made it a Pick Me Up Present Day.

No it isn't something you give to yourself so mark that off your wish list! Don't dash out and proclaim you found your early birthday present and just had to buy it either.

This Pick Me Up Present isn't for you.

This is something much more special. This is when you give a small portion of yourself to a loved one or a friend and....

It's merely a way of saying I was thinking about you today. 

The rules are very simple....

One think of someone you want to share with.  Maybe your Mom, your sister, your brother, or a BFF. The joy is you get to decide who it is and remember- it's a surprise so Mum is the word.

When you have some free time, do a little bit of shopping and find something that symbolizes the two of you.  It can be funny. It can be stupid. It can be so far out to be something that your special someone would never dream of buying for themselves. 

Be mindful of your budget.  The point of this is just simply to say "I thought about you today."

I have spent as little as 25 cents on a gum ball (a child was about to get metal braces and upset) and as high as $30.00 on a charm to mark a friends lengthy but much awaited divorce (long story).

You can be silly and buy matchbox cars (planning a car trip with the little ones), a stuffed dog (watch dog for a new home), an over sized coffee mug (your friend drinks coffee in meetings and her cup runs out too soon). You can buy paper dolls and remind your friend of when you were both little and played dress up.

Oh, the list goes on and on but I think you get the point.  

Spread a little cheer today and buy someone you know and love a "Pick Me Up Present" just because you can. 

As always, 

Helping You Make A Statement Without Saying A Word.



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