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The Plight of the Green Finger....and a Remedy

Green ring around the finger - Yuck!

What it is?

The green affect is caused by a combination of the metal and the acid that is in your skin.  There are several types of metal that can oxidize giving you that extra, very unwanted and much unloved extra ring around your finger.  Probably the metal with the worst reputation for doing this is copper.

So what is a girl to do?

First: don't panic.  In most cases it isn't an allergic reaction to the metal.  If you are in doubt, seek the advise of a health care provider.

You can take a few extra steps and help ensure you can wear that ring (minus it's sidekick) for a long time to come. 

Second: avoid the great and powerful enemies.  Who is the enemy? Soap, lotion, household cleaners, hand sanitizer and even hard water. 

Remove your piece(s) before applying lotion or washing your hands.  Thoroughly rinse and dry your fingers. 

Third: The great fix....a barrier.  It can be found in a bottle of clear nail polish.  In all fairness, clear top coat and clear nail polish isn't the same.  Top coat is a lot softer than actual nail polish.  Top coat chips a lot easier so be sure to read the bottle label.

Carefully apply a thin coat of nail polish to the inside of the piece.  Keep it as smooth and even as your can.  You want to coat any area that has the potential to make contact with your skin.  Allow the polish to thoroughly dry.  I recommend an hour.  

You can add a second coat if you feel it is needed and follow the same drying time. 

Be on the look out for any drips or runs and correct them as soon as they appear and never ever use nail polish remover on jewelry.  

This is a very simple and inexpensive process that helps you make a statement without saying a word. 



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