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The Ring Finger and the Vein

Tradition has it...
One thing I love to learn about is bridal traditions.  There are so many variations and most are great ideas and yes, we can incorporate differences because the world is truly a small place.  I once read that we are all only 7 people away from knowing everyone in the world.  Imagine that friends list. 
Some people never stop to think about traditions and why we have them so I thought I would share some just to help you get started. peek your interest and get you thinking outside of the box.
The ring - now that's a big one. In America, most brides still wear their engagement and wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand.  Did you ever wonder why?
Eons ago, I don't know when.  It was long believed that the vein in your left ring finger ran straight to your heart.  We know that isn't true now but we've stuck to it. 
Rice - we threw (past tense) it for prosperity and fertility.  Rice is a bad thing though.  Small birds come and eat the rice and it expands in their little tummies and they can't digest it. The poor bird ends up losing his/her life over a few grains of rice.  A much better choice is bird seed.  It's cheap, eco friendly and we feed our fine feathered friends in the process.  
Be brave, venture onto your favorite search engine and research wedding and bridal traditions.  Maybe you find the perfect idea to set your special day apart and with it create some fantastic memories that will last you a lifetime. 
As always. we'll be here helping you....
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