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To Greet The Day

I will admit I am a dog lover. 

My dogs have taught me a lot about life.

No matter what the breed, the color, the size, ALL dogs, puppy or adult, have one thing in common.


This one thing sets them completely and I do mean completely apart from cats. Don't get me wrong, I love cats too, especially Siamese because they are bossy but cats aren't like a dog. 

I am lucky and have a fenced in yard. If it's too cold, too hot, or raining, I can have a sit down and simply let him play in the yard with Hu-Mom supervision.

My mornings all start the same though. 

Let the dog out. And every day, without fail, no matter what the weather, my dog does the exact same ritual.  

In all honesty, he wakes up bursting with excitement and he hits the door as fast as his short legs will carry him. It isn't because he has to hike his little leg as he plays put off until he announces his presence to the entire world. Yes, he is truly convinced the world hears him and perhaps even understands him.

My little pup has enthusiasm - genuine heartfelt enthusiasm. Something in his little soul tells him it's going to be a great day no matter what happens.

His tail is going 900 miles an hour and he, all 7 pounds of him, runs straight out to the neighbors fence. Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark. And if the neighbor's dog is out they spend time conversing on what I can only imagine is the ways of the world.

So now you are probably wondering why I covered this topic and the answer is quite simple.

Life has the ability to weigh each of us down.  Some days, especially when we are planning a big event such as a wedding, we forget to feel and most importantly share our enthusiasm for life and its many, many joyous occasions.. 

Beauty and tranquility can be found in the smallest of things, even in a seven pound rescue dog, who years later after facing starvation and horrible human abuse can still see the world as an exciting place.

So like my little dog, get up and go catch some enthusiasm and spread your cheer. Take two minutes out of your hurried day and see the beauty in a raindrop, a flower bud, the buzzing of a bee or the laughter of a child.  

As always...

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