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What is Jasper?

What’s in a name….not much and everything. Confused?

Picture Jasper

Most, when thinking of gemstones think diamonds and rubies but the world of gemstones is so very much larger. So much so that unless a person researches they may never learn about some of the beauty that nature offers us.

That brings us to Jasper

Tis a lovely little gemstone, it is, it is. The brown’s are earthy and a natural neutral. The reds are in my opinion simply dreamy. Oh! And patterns are endless. Did I say endless?

Let’s start at what it is.

The name Jasper doesn’t do this little gem justice. The name Jasper means spotted or speckled stone and is from a Greek word.  All right so it isn't fancy by any means but don't let the name sway you from learning about it.

Jasper is an opaque variety of Chalcedony (more on that in another post) but it is a variety of quartz and it is found all over the world. Unlike other gemstones, Jasper has specific colors and patterns. The colors and patterns are unique based upon the region because the interior banding is affected by wind, rain and you guessed right – sediment.

Jasper is, however, rarely uniform in color no matter where it comes from. But here’s the fun stuff, colors and patterns. The colors vary from brown, yellow and reds. It can have other colors mixed in such as a dark green, hints of orange and sometimes blacks. Patterns and streaking are abundant and you can have the colors of the rainbow with one color fading into another.

There are so many types that we’ve given them names. Here’s a few to get you started.

Agate Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Bruneau Jasper, Caves Creek Jasper, Egyptian Jasper, Green Jasper, Jaspilite Jasper, Leopard Jasper, Morgan Hill Jasper, Moss Jasper, Opal Jasper, Owyhee Jasper, Picture Jasper, Riband Jasper.

The good news is it's very reasonable in cost. Jasper is available in a wide variety of  settings and can be the perfect 'pick me up' present for yourself, a friend, every day wear or any special occasion you wish to mark.  And yes, they make great heirloom pieces. 

Helping you make a statement without saying a word.


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