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WHAT? No Christmas sales

I know.  I know.  I know. 

But I made a decision and I'm sticking to it.

Small stores like mine struggle day in and day out to survive.  We battle the so called big box stores, we battle companies that have one day delivery, we battle shipping charges but hey, they have staff to pay too. 

I'm proud of the fact that I as the owner decide what pieces meet a quality standard.  There's many people who will buy an item (disposable) and yes, there are many people who are willing to sell the disposable items. Frankly, I'm not that person.

So once again, I'm proud of the quality of products we sell.  I put the pieces (even tiara's) through my paces before I list it on the web site.  

You may be wondering what my paces are.  I will wear them day in and day out.  I want to see if it gets dented, bends or breaks through normal wear and tear.  I want to know if the stones are high quality and whether or not they will chip if I happen to bang it on the desk one time too many.  I want to know it all and then after all that I rate the piece.  

If it isn't something I would be willing to wear or spend my money on then I decide not to sell it.  My choice again. 

I fully understand that people are looking for 'deals' during the holidays.  I'm just like you and everyone else in regard to that. The difference is that I'm not a big retail store.  I can't buy a ton of items and offer a low, low cost just hoping that if you buy one lesser item that you will also buy a second or third.

By the way, that tactic is called a loss leader for those who want to know. 

No, I too am different in respect that I don't jack the price up just to lower the price for you to feel that you got a great deal. 

I'd rather be honest - by honest I mean turn an honest dollar. 

Here's my definition of honesty....

If an item costs me $X.XX to buy wholesale or to have made than yes, I do have a mark up but it isn't the normal 400% to 1500% that some people selling jewelry do.  

If offering you free shipping means that I have to charge you an inflated price - $40.00 versus $70.00 then I'd rather you spend $5.00 or so on shipping and I'll wave the cost of handling the item. Yes, logistically I do lose money but I'm honest about it. In other words (as an example), I'll stick to the $45 (item plus shipping) and you keep the difference ($25.00). Maybe you'll visit my little store again or refer a friend or loved one.

Oh yes, I want to do more international shipping.  I know I lose business because I don't have an offer that says if you are an international buyer and spend $49.00 then I'll ship your purchase for free.  But there is a catch and the catch is that you may have to pay the import fees before your item can be delivered.  Once again, its those pesky regulations and I'd prefer to be honest.          

There are advantages to small stores like mine.  We are more able to help you buy multiple items at a discount.  An example would be a bride who wants her six attendants to have matching bracelets as a memento of her big day.  You can't go into a major chain store and say, I'll buy six if you give me a discount.  The clerk and the sales manager would laugh and laugh and laugh. In the world of big retail...nine times out of ten, the price is the price.  

But you can contact a small store like mine and ask and chances are we'll work with you.  You don't even have to be a bride - we've done it for grandparents, step parents, and new aunts that just married into a family.  

Another advantage is that I don't overbuy stock.  Stock that sits costs money - lots of money.  There are warehouse fees, insurance fees, utility fees, oh, the list goes on and on but I think you get the point that the cost of the item just went up.

So in the end, I shop smaller - smaller stores that is.  Smaller is friendlier.  Smaller may not be all the bells and whistles and lights and loss leaders but I can help you control your bridal budget, your Christmas budget, your birthday budget.

And you don't even have to wait in a long line to check out.  

I can help you control your, "I just need a pick me up present,' or 'I'm special so I'm going to buy myself a present."

So please, next time you look around this little store called Lierre, remember that I want you as my client (not customer) to enjoy your pieces for years and years to come.  I want you to have the 'timeless' aspect so you can remember your special event over and over again. 

Memories? Aren't they great? Let's go make some.

As always, we'll be here helping you, 

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