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Where the Monarchs Fly

I can admit that I am like everyone else and have a mountain of stressors.  
You know, the little annoyances that often arrive unannounced and throw you for a whammy and before you know it one thing has snowballed into another and you are facing an avalanche.
You would think that my biggest stressor would be wedding season but no, you would be wrong. Yes, there is stress and lots of it but this is different.  
I am talking about the avalanche of stressors - the mother of them all and no redirection doesn't and will not help!
My stressor isn't incoming orders, it isn't product availability, it isn't product testing and it isn't making sure the shipments get picked up on time. 
No, my little stressor is much, much worse.
My ungrateful stress increaser isn't human....but still alive.
My loud mouth stressor can scream and cry loud enough to raise the roof and yes I'm sure the neighbors can hear him. This normally only happens if he can't see me though.
My rowdy little munchkin can destroy a house or office by dragging out every single toy he owns all to give me the pleasure of picking them up.
My little ripper - all 7 pounds- is a handful as we go through the terrible twos. 
Meet my little Rippin' Rye.
Don't be fooled by that sweet little face....he is far, very far from innocent. 
He IS a monster!
He is a pain at work though as he thinks he has to go each and every day. 
The problem doesn't lie in going to work it's the fact he doesn't work. 
He honestly believes he should get all of the attention all of the time and he soaks it up like a mega sponge and then no one gets any work done. Just like a butterfly, he flits from one person to another. 
Most dogs will sleep but alas, Rye has to be rocked to sleep while you look him in the eye and softly talk to him. Once he starts to snore really, really loud you can lay him down on a chair with his blankie and he'll be out for a good 20 minutes or so but shorter if the phone rings.
On days like today when he is being a terror I am reminded of a saying that I learned as a child that taught me patience..."Where the monarchs fly".
All butterflies are beautiful, graceful and delicate.  If we will take a moment and just stop and watch then they have the ability to help us to slow down in body and mind. 
Let's all take a moment (I need one thanks to Rye) to stop and enjoy the simplistic beauty that can be found all around us in the small and dainty creature we call the butterfly....
in my case, a small dog who smiles when you talk to him.
As always....

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