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Which is Better?



Saltwater versus freshwater pearls

One of the things we get asked a lot pertains to the differences between freshwater and salt water pearls. 

And a few people even believe that freshwater pearls are some how fake and not real. That is so far from the truth. 

There are two types of genuine pearls - saltwater or freshwater. Both are cultivated meaning that mother nature didn't create them on her own in most cases so we offered a helping hand.  

Pearls are cultivated by placing a small piece of mollusk tissue or a bead inside of the mollusk and because it is an irritate it is then covered with nacre. Nacre is the material that pearls are actually made of.

Cultured freshwater pearls are pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels. These pearls are produced in Japan and the United States in the Mississippi River Basin (on a limited scale), but are now almost exclusively produced in China.

Saltwater pearls are created by oysters in oceans and found in places such as Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti, and several others.

The price between saltwater and freshwater is substantial and the reason saltwater are higher is because because the saltwater oyster only produces one pearl at a time. Freshwater mussels can produce up to 30 pearls at a time. 

Pearls have a very, very long history as the Romans and Egyptians prized pearls and used them as decorative items as far back as the 5th Century BC. Chinese records mention them earlier still. In 2012, researchers discovered the world’s oldest natural pearl in Umm Al Quwain, UAE in a grave. It is believed to have originated between 5547 and 5235 BC.  Talk about having staying power! 

Pearls are ever so versatile as they pair up well with any attire that we may decide to wear.  Jeans....no problem.  Business suit...no problem. Heirloom gift for a loved one...no problem and let's face it, every bride looks beautiful in a pearls. 

We may have the saying that 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' from Carol Channing in the Broadway production of Gentleman Prefer Blondes but make no mistake, Pearls are right up there too.

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