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Your Prongs May Not Be A Happy Camper

I am sure you are like everyone else – you spent time and money shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry and one day you look down and a stone is missing.

You first ask yourself how it happened and when. After you have tried hunting to no avail the panic sets in because now you have to replace it.

So how do you avoid hitting that point?

Think about the setting and what holds the stone in place.

One of the most popular settings is prongs. Prongs are small pieces of metal that wrap around the edges of the stone and they allow more of the stone to be viewed.   

4 prongs are used to hold this stone in place.

There are numerous ways we subject our prongs to damage each time we wear the piece. We bump, we bang and we’ve even been known to jam our hands into a pocket or purse. Each one of those things weaken the strength of the prong(s).

Without taking corrective action you run the risk of losing the stone.

Begin the habit of inspecting your jewelry each time you put it on and take it off. You may think once is enough but you could miss something.

Check the piece to see if the prong is cracked, broken off or if the stone is loose. If you see any damage don’t take a chance. Lay the piece to the side and take it to a jeweler to be repaired.

Check for any dirt and hair that may have become wedged between the basket and girdle and the prongs. Pressure over time will damage the prongs. If possible, clean the debris out without forcing the prong to move. If you can’t or you are unsure, take the piece to a jeweler.

Invest in a jeweler’s loupe. A loupe is a simple, small magnification tool and it’s used to see very small details more closely. You will need one that is at least 10x the magnification. You can buy them in store or online at a very reasonable cost.

At least once a year (more if you wear the piece daily) make a trip to the jewelry store and have the piece professionally inspected,  It may cost you a little but it can save you a lot over time.

Don’t ever try to attempt repair on your own. Super glue is not your friend because it takes nail polish remover to remove it and that damages the metal.

By using more care when we wear our pieces and through inspection (ours and a jeweler) we can make sure the piece helps us make a statement without saying a word.

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