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About Us

A lot of people wonder what the word "Lierre" means.  It is a French word meaning Ivy. Ivy is long and flowing and we believe every woman has the desire to have a complete look from head to toe.  

Not sure how to say it - just think Pierre and switch the P for an L and you have it.

We are a small but growing company.  We strive to offer our clients quality pieces without an overly inflated mark up so we aren't here to break the bank or your budget. We understand weddings and formals are expensive.

Lierre started out as bridal accessories only (since brick and mortar store are fading) and then brides asked for pieces for their attendants and future in laws that were the same high quality but at a more reasonable price then they could find elsewhere.

We accepted that challenge and added a lot of sterling silver and lots more freshwater pearl.  We searched for pieces that are unique, different and beautiful because we want you to be able to make a statement without saying a word.

We enjoy getting pictures of clients wearing our pieces and we enjoy reading about your big event.  We enjoy answering questions about what pieces match their dress or how to work in something blue. So feel free to send us an email and don't worry - we never share your information.

We are grateful to all of our past clientele and we very much look forward to serving our future clients.

Staff at Lierre Bridal Accessories


(832) 598-6564