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14k Rose Gold Plated CZ Front Back Earrings - Lierre Bridal Accessories

14k Rose Gold Plated CZ Front Back Earrings

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Why only wear one pair of CZs studs when you can adorn yourself with our elegant and flattering front and back post earrings?

  • The total CZ earrings measure approximately 14mm x 15mm.
  • The front CZ measures 4.5mm.
  • The three CZs in the drop measure 4mm.
  • The style is a front and back post.
  • 14k rose gold plated.
  • .925 Sterling Silver.

Cubic zirconia (also known as CZ) is similar to a diamond due to its brilliance and crystal clarity. It is a man-made (synthesized) crystalline material that is colorless, hard, and flawless. It can be made into a wide variety of colors. It bears a remarkable resemblance to diamonds and is an affordable alternative.

Rhodium is a rare, silver-white hard metal in the platinum family. It’s highly reflective and holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive precious metals in the world. Rhodium (plated) serves multiple purposes in the jewelry world: it increases shine, luster and durability and makes the metal more scratch resistant and reduces tarnishing.

Rose Gold is gold that is mixed with copper and it can vary from a soft pink to a deep red. The red color is obtained when the copper content increases. True rose gold is approximately 75% gold and 22.5% copper and a small percentage of silver, which slightly lightens the effect of the dark copper.