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Red Coral Bead Stretch Bracelet - Lierre Bridal Accessories

Red Coral Bead Stretch Bracelet

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Nothing catches the eye like the color red and this stretch bracelet is no exception. It can make a statement whether you are a professional or spending time at the beach.

  • The bracelet features twenty three red coral beads.
  • Each red coral bead measures 8mm.
  • The design is a stretch bracelet.

    Red corals grow on rocky sea bottoms with low sedimentation in a dark environment such as the depths of caverns or crevices. Red Coral is known as having a hard skeleton and its branches are naturally matte. It can be polished providing a glassy shine giving it even more natural beauty. The range of colors can be from a warm reddish pink color from pale pink to deep red. The coloration can be intense but it is permanent and it will retain its natural glossiness. Coral has been harvested since ancient times for decorative uses. It has been found in ancient Egypt and some prehistoric European burials; it was popular during the Victorian times as well. In general the best red corals are harvested in the Mediterranean.