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Rose Quartz Bracelet - Lierre Bridal Accessories
Rose Quartz Bracelet - Lierre Bridal Accessories

Rose Quartz Bracelet

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This soft rosy pink rose quartz won't make you blush.  You can be the envy in this mesmerizing bracelet. When people ask you about it you can recite the legend behind the stone color.

  • This bracelet showcases alternating faceted 4.4mm rose quartz and gold diamond cut beads.
  • The ends feature two 5.1mm decorative gold end beads on either side with a 1.5mm purple CZ in the center.
  • The bracelet adjusts to approximately 11" with a 6.5mm circle slider bead and has a 2.1mm ball on each of the two cable chain ends. 
  • 18 karat gold plated sterling silver.
  • .925 Sterling Silver.

Rose Quartz has an ancient story alleging Ares wounded Adonis in battle. As Aphrodite, who was the lover of Adonis, rushed to his side she stabbed herself on a thorn.  It is claimed that blood from the lovers dripped on a clear crystal staining it pink.  The pink hue of the stone is said to be a lasting symbol of their love; because of this, rose quartz has been called the Heart Stone.

Setting the story aside, rose quartz beads have been dated as far back as 7000 BC in Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) as well as to the Assyrians around 800-600 BC.

Rose quartz can be found at many locations all over the world. It is commercially mined in Madagascar, South-Africa, Namibia, United States (South Dakota), and Brazil (Bahia and Minas Gerais).